Marikit Mayeno

uses research-based artmaking focused on the intersections of science and spirituality
to challenge systems of power and binary thinking from colonialism to capitalism.
Her mediums include ink and paint as well as upcycled materials such as plastic and
one-time-use paper to call attention to excessive consumption and environmental pollution.
Her studies and art include complex, symbiotic systems, and relationships to foster a
pluralistic worldview and encourage planetary health and sustainability. She is passionate about
being a community organizer and educator to help build more equitable and resilient futures
that value racial justice and the interconnectivity of humans with nature.

Previous Exhibits:
Foundation Fiminco
The Palace of Fine Arts
David Brower Center
SFMOMA Gallery
Catherine Clark Gallery
The White Box

I love reading! This is a library of my favorite books that significantly contribute to my consciousness and praxis.

Poor photo quality is due to the fact that I appreciate the cover art that I personally read these books in. Throughout my whole education career, only two of these books were part of the curriculum. How many of the books read in school actually resonate?